Shame on Senate Democrats

Someone has to say this, so it might as well be me: Senate Democrats should be ashamed of themselves! They are acting like sanctimonious hysterical harridans, not the mature minders of political decorum that the Founding Fathers envisioned for the Senate.

The Senate is supposed to be the center for careful consideration of issues, followed by informed debate, followed by restrained action. “Zero tolerance” is the refuge of an unmindful mob. Strictly enforced, this rule would empty both chambers of Congress, the White House, and the entire Judicial branch.

Government is the method by which imperfect people attempt to improve and maintain the living conditions of an imperfect citizenry. Clearly, if one’s imperfections adversely affect one’s ability to govern, corrective action is required. Some offenses are indeed sufficiently egregious to require expulsion from government, and the Constitution provides methods for that. According to the Congressional Research Service (report # RL30016):

“While there are no specific grounds for an expulsion expressed in the Constitution, expulsion actions in both the House and the Senate have generally concerned cases of perceived disloyalty to the United States, or the conviction of a criminal statutory offense which involved abuse of one’s official position.”

Unless the Senate offers a resolution of expulsion, and two-thirds of the voting Senators support it, let the people of Minnesota determine Senator Franken’s political future. Matters of this magnitude should not be determined by a handful of zealots brandishing a few uninvestigated allegations of relatively minor offenses.


About Jesse

My name is Jesse Blatt. My first name is actually “Ramon,” but I haven’t used that name, except for official purposes, since 1970. I have a high school diploma and a PhD…nothing in between. I’ll get around to explaining that in a post sometime. From time to time I will be posting true stories from my past, though not in any special order. I’ve been fortunate to have had a dozen or so different careers, most of them very satisfying, some fairly frustrating, and none that I wish had never happened. In my many former lives, I have been a mail clerk, radio and TV engineer, radio announcer, electronics engineer, college instructor, psychologist, research consultant, Federal employee, supervisor of research professionals, computer programmer, web designer, instructional designer, construction site handyman, and carpenter, not necessarily in that order.
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