What the Dogs Saw

Quite a few years ago Katie and I were retrieving our daughter, Liza, from an after-school visit to a friend’s house. As we were talking with the kid’s mom, a UPS truck arrived in the driveway and the resident dogs, two full-grown German Shepherds, noisily announced the new guest, barking and jumping and barking and jumping.

The delivery man was leery about getting out of his truck with two apparently ferocious dogs jumping and barking just a few feet away. He looked to the owner to restrain her pets.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said. “They won’t bother you. We have an invisible fence.”

The UPS man looked at the woman; then looked at the dogs, studying the edge of the yard where the dogs were jumping and barking. He looked back at the woman and asked, “Can the dogs see it?”


About Jesse

My name is Jesse Blatt. My first name is actually “Ramon,” but I haven’t used that name, except for official purposes, since 1970. I have a high school diploma and a PhD…nothing in between. I’ll get around to explaining that in a post sometime. From time to time I will be posting true stories from my past, though not in any special order. I’ve been fortunate to have had a dozen or so different careers, most of them very satisfying, some fairly frustrating, and none that I wish had never happened. In my many former lives, I have been a mail clerk, radio and TV engineer, radio announcer, electronics engineer, college instructor, psychologist, research consultant, Federal employee, supervisor of research professionals, computer programmer, web designer, instructional designer, construction site handyman, and carpenter, not necessarily in that order.
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